Why Raw Food can Heal You ...

Raw Food is food that has not been heated over 45 degree Celcius (113 degree Fahrenheit). This is to ensure that the nutrients and enzymes within it are not being destroy. It doesn't have to be cold food either. Raw Food diet will treat and prevent diseases common illness such as heart disease, cancer, diabetes, obesity, chronic fatigue to name a few. Scroll down below for reasons why we should go raw. Studies have shown a diet of at least 75% raw (by weight) is the most ideal. With seeds and grains, soaking for at least 7 hours will activate it and these are known as live food. Live food has more nutrients than raw food. Examples of live foods are soaked almonds, flax seeds and sprouts.

Why Raw?

  • Temperatures of 118 degrees Fahrenheit (47.77 degree Celsius) or more destroy critical enzymes within food. The result: Digestion can suffer and food can travel, undigested, into your small intestine, where it putrefies, poisoning your blood. Enzymes are critical to life and need to be present within food for optimal digestion.
  • Cooking leaches minerals out of food. Nobody has studied the effect of minerals as extensively as Dr. Joel Wallach. He has performed 17500 autopsies on 454 species and on 3000 humans and has proved they all died of some sort of mineral deficiency. He was nominated in 1991 for the Nobel Prize in Medicine.
  • Cooking also destroys vitamins, which are needed to control the absorption and use of minerals.
  • Whenever fat is cooked, transfatty acids are produced. Transfatty acids are one of the most destructive elements of any cooked food diet. They decrease testosterone, and interfere with pregnant animals. They are a major source of damaging free radicals and research shows that chefs who spend time wok or pan-frying have a higher incidence of lung cancer. Cooked food is cancerigenic.
  • When you eat cooked food, your body has to release copious amounts of enzymes in order to break down the food. Without enzymes, your food would never digest. According to Dr Edward Howell, your enzyme supply is limited and cooked food eventually runs it down to dangerously low levels.

Are you shocked? Do you immediately want to eliminate ALL cooked food from your diet? This is a wake-up call designed to open your mind and get you thinking in new directions. All you need to do for now is begin considering the importance of raw 'living' foods. You'll soon learn, if they don't form the foundation of your diet, you'll have no foundation at all.


In their book, Goldot, Lewis E. Cook Jr. and Junko Yasui recount a very powerful study. The study was performed on three groups of rats and the results were fascinating. Take a look for yourself before you come to the same conclusions as the researchers.

From birth, the first group of rats were fed a raw diet of fruits, vegetables, nuts, and whole grains. As they grew they experienced every sign of good health. They grew fast. They had strong bodies. They were free from disease. They were also free from excess fat. They reproduced with vigour and enthusiasm and paved the way for their healthy offspring. They were vivacious, spirited, and very affectionate to one another. As soon as they reached the equivalent of 80 human years they were put to sleep and autopsied. Researchers found that every organ, every gland, and every tissue was in perfect condition. A diet of raw food prevented them from experiencing the 'normal' signs of ageing and degeneration.

From birth, this unlucky group of rats was fed a diet of cooked foods: Milk, meat, white bread, soda, sweets, cakes, vitamins and medicines. As they grew they experienced many of the same diseases that afflict people in present day society such as colds, fevers, pneumonia, poor eyesight, cataracts, heart disease, arthritis, cancer, etc. But it wasn't just their biological health that was on the line. Their emotional health was also very unstable as they constantly attacked each other. They gave birth to offspring that were constantly ill and aggressive. Death came prematurely to this group from diseases or various epidemics that swept through the entire colony. Autopsies revealed extensive degeneration to every organ, every gland, and every tissue of their bodies. The researchers had found a very impressive way to accelerate the speed in which the rats aged - by feeding them a diet similar to what most humans eat. The rats paid the ultimate price - early death from disease.

From birth, this group was fed the same foods as Group Two until they reached an equivalent human age of 40. They displayed behavioural characteristics identical to those in the previous group and had the same poor quality of health. At the end of this 'equivalent 40 year period' the rats were placed on a strict water fast for a number of days before being introduced to a 100% raw food diet, coupled with periods of fasting. The changes were dramatic. Within one month they began showing signs of exceptional health. They became affectionate, playful and more resilient to infection, showing no signs of illness or disease. At the end of an 'equivalent 80 year period', autopsies revealed that this group had completely reversed all biological signs of ageing. Every organ, every gland, and every tissue was in perfect condition.



In the 1930s, Dr Paul Kouchakoff demonstrated that after eating cooked food, there is an increase m the mobilisation of white blood cells in the body, a phenomenon called 'digestive leukocytosis'. When faced with too much enzyme-less cooked food, your body will recruit white blood cells (leukocytes) to transport a large quantity of enzymes, for the task of breaking down food particles. In other words, when your body is unable to properly digest food, white blood cells will attack the food, in an effort to reduce it to usable components or eliminate it from the body. Until Kouchakoff's work, this was considered normal but Kouchakoff found that when foods are consumed in their raw state, digestive leukocytosis does not occur. Raw foods have just the right amount of natural enzymes/nutrients within them to allow them to perfectly self-digest within your digestive system. This leads to better digestion and assimilation. The message is simple:

• Processed food and cooked food reliably triggers off leukocyte mobilisation.

• Raw 'living' foods have no such effect.

• When you add raw 'living' foods to your meal, you reduce leukocyte mobilisation dramatically.


It's about time more and more people questioned the use of cooked food in their diet, including you. The foundation of your health can be built only on raw food. Once you've experienced the true power of raw food you'll look at cooked food differently. You'll still want to eat certain foods, because they'll be critical in completing your own personal fuel mixture. When you do select these foods, you'll be doing so CONSCIOUSLY - not just because you are a victim of the sales and marketing tactics orchestrated to suck you in and part with your hard earned cash. The researches performed by G. Shatalova show that an average person with traditional eating habits in the state of rest has power inputs 5 times larger, than the people who keep to her recommendations and eat less. An average person breaths 4-5 times more frequent and consumes the amount of food 5 times larger than necessary. It means that the body of an average person wears out much faster.

Let’s see at what temperatures our food becomes dangerous poisons and waste:




42C - 45C (108 - 113 Fahrenheit)


65C (149 Fahrenheit)


42C - 47C (108 – 117 Fahrenheit)


50C-80C (122 - 176 Fahrenheit)


Not totally destroyed, but change their chemical structure and become toxic carcinogenic substances 


Where do I get my Protein on a Raw Food Diet?

There is an erroneous view the body’s main source of protein is meat and dairy produce. But in fact, meat, when it’s cooked has no protein at all. At 117 Fahrenheit protein is totally destroyed. All you’ll get out of meat is just fat, calories and huge amount of toxic matter. The same with milk: the human digestive system does not have enzymes for dairy products digestion. We are not calves. Cow milk is totally different in it’s structure and does not suit for humans. The best what the body can do with dairy products is to expel them from the body. Moreover, dairy products cause osteoporosis. When you hear about living bifidus bacteria in yogurt, and how healthy they are to eat, you should acknowledge that it is just another marketing trick. Even if these fabulous living bacteria are alive and you eat them, they go into your stomach where they will be killed by gastric juice which mainly is a hydrochloric acid. Only babies are able to consume and digest their mothers’ milk (not cow’s!). The scientific studies show that a baby’s daily milk consumption is 100 grams. This milk contains approximately 2 grams of protein. Yet the baby is able to double his/her weight within the first 6 months. If a baby’s initial weight is 4 kilograms (8.8 lb.), this means that each kilogram (2.2 lb.) of the body receives only 0,5 grams of protein. Half of that amount is spent for metabolic processes and energy exchange processes, the other half is spent for growth. This means that an average person needs only 15-18 grams of protein a day. Why a medical norm, which has been set without any reasons, is set at a level of 100 grams of protein per day then? When diet articles or medical people talk about norms for food consumption and calories, they address the norms that have never been scientifically substantiated. For you to know, these "norms" were elaborated by German scientists in the 19th century and were based on an average consumption of food by an average German person of the 19th century. After that, no one even tried to check if the norms were accurate or not.

We already know that the protein in our body can be produced in lungs directly from nitrogen which can be found in air we breathe. Another powerful factory producing minerals, vitamins and protein is located right in our large intestine. There we have up to 2-3 kg (4.4-6.6 lb.) of friendly bacteria that are part of our digestive system, they consume raw foods (only raw plant foods!) and produce most of the protein for our body. That is why vegans can be good athletes too and never face emaciation – their protein comes directly from raw fruits, nuts and vegetables. In the middle of the 20th century there existed a common erroneous opinion that there are indispensable amino acids that we get only if we consume dairy products and meat. It was believed that a few amino acids can not be found in vegetable food. That assumption was proven wrong. There is no such thing as indispensable amino acids, there is only lack of knowledge. Look at nature: take a bull, or an elephant, or a gorilla, or a hippopotamus, or a giraffe – all of them eat only raw vegan food, yet it seems they are perfectly well and have no problems with their protein. Their bodies are among the strongest on the earth. There are thousands of similar examples that you can find yourself.