(Heal you with Raw) is owned and operated by pharmacist Lawrence Low.

Lawrence Low graduated as a pharmacist at University of Queensland in 1988. He became lacto-ovo vegetarian in 1986 for compassion and karmic reasons and later on discovered the health benefits of his commitment.

As a pharmacist, Lawrence finds that modern medicine isn't really addressing the root cause of modern day illness such as cancer, heart disease, diabetes but merely is masking the symptoms. As a result it has become his life long mission to find out how he can address the root cause of the illness to be able to prevent them.

This lead Lawrence to discover that our diet plays a huge role at managing disease and that a plant based diet is extremely beneficial. In the recent years he has adopted a more raw plant based eating habits and found that to be extremely beneficial in disease reversal and optimal health. After he met Phillip Day and Don Tolman, he has found their approach very successful and using these principals he himself helped some of his ill patients to reverse illness such as type 2 diabetes.

With a different approach to disease treatment, Lawrence's pharmacy at Wellington Point now has a more holistic approach within store naturopath and kinesieologist as well as an extensive range of health food and supplements . They hold regular raw food workshop to promote healthier eating. They are probably the only retail store in Australia that stocks equipments for the raw food kitchen such as Blendtec blender, Slow Press juicer, dehydrator, spirooli and automatic sprouter.